‘Able’ is an archival collage project including portraits of my father, Wayne Cunningham.
He was involved in an accident when he was 18 years old leaving him paralysed from the neck down. This series is part of an exploration of his identity now that he is older, wiser and lived a full life following the car crash; he didn't let his disability control what he did or hinder his achievements.
He set up a non-profit organisation called S.U.R.F (Spinal Unit Recreational Fund) that helps people with disabilities get their lives back on track – he ultimately found a way to take his dreadful experience and educate and inform others how to lead a happy life irregardless of trauma and disability.
‘Happy Birthday Loser’ recounts a personal experience in my life relating to my 19th birthday in 2018. Birthdays are typically seen as a happy time in someone’s life; a cause for celebration, however, these images capture the loneliness and isolation I faced.
These photographs explore Sackville Street in Leeds. A street that is typically visited after receiving a little red note through your door stating that a delivery was missed.
Royal Mail Sheepscar Delivery office is located on this street, surrounded by an industrial estate next to the A61. The Royal Mail building is painted with its iconic red colour scheme and provides a splash of colour to a seemingly dull street.
Residents across Leeds come to this street to collect their parcels and go along their way - carrying a package that was most likely too big  for their letterbox.
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